Art on the streets
The writing on the wall

Less is more ... or Less?

I love the writings on a wall. As always with me, the sight of some scribbling on a wall can often stimulate ideas inside of me that, unknown to myself, have been stewing in the depths of my brain for some time.

“If less is more … nothing is Everything” was one of those writings so beautifully captured by Jane D Photography.

Brilliant was my first impression. But then the thought is in place, the seed planted, the cogs start turning and the thought blooms into a full blown argument in my brain.

Definitely, as a designer I have always worked on the theory less is more. I am always looking for a simple solution, to create a simple way to communicate an often complex piece of information. The kind of simple idea that makes everyone wish they’d thought of it first. To create something that is that simple and beautiful is the hardest thing to do. Less usually means more (work), but it is the goal I’m always trying to score.

But when it comes to my life, more is definitely much, much better. I get bored easily, if I haven’t got something to do I can’t relax I just get bored. It’s not just nothing to do but a little to do is often worse. When I have several things on and something to look forward to is when I am the happiest, there never seems to be enough time and things start going my way. This is when life is good. Why do you always get invited to multiple things at the same time and nothing when you’ve got the time? I even like complaining about being busy. It’s those times when nothing much is happening that I cant seem to get anything done. I cant complete anything and I suffer my way though every mediocre task.

So while I preach the “Less is more” attitude for my design, I live the “More is so much better” attitude for my life. Is this a dangerous mix of attitude or can there be a harmony between the two that works? And “Nothing” well that is exactly what it means … boring.